Run away


RUN AWAY from situations & Problems ! Drapetomania (noun) – An overwhelming urge to run away. Do you ever feel like running away ?   Just suddenly leaving NO NOTE , NO WARNING. Just getting your shit and leaving. Life is hard and everyone has to fight their battles all alone.A war is not always… [Read More]

Do you know the feel while race


 – Race Everyone loves to race.Everyone gets excited when they hear the word RACE But what we exactly feel while we are racing ! Racing is my dream .This is what I exactly feel while I am racing When I get on to the track I see the crowd cheering and everyone telling  ” All… [Read More]

Dreams in our life

Never let go your dreams

Dreams The word dreams itself means something Ever had a thought of having a dream in your life.What is your duty in your life ? –  –  Your duty is to protect the things that you want to protect.Because those are things that make us feel that we are alive. How long are you going… [Read More]

Earin the Worlds Smallest Wireless Earbuds


Earin the world’s smallest wireless earbuds with high audio efficiency. What you see is right earin is nothing but earbuds which enables you to listen audio from your audio devices via Bluetooth.   Earin is for music lover, where it comes with two earbuds shouting at your ears with high audio quality. Simplicity, size and audio quality packed… [Read More]