How to add a Featured Video in WordPress?

featured video in wordpress

I know that its important for some posts which could only deal with videos. More over some blogs with only videos as their content they manage. So I know that such situation is yours as if your here. Why you need to add Featured video in WordPress? Simple when a post or a page consists… [Read More]

How to Customize WordPress Login Page without coding?

WordPress developer login page

Its your WordPress site a Multi-user site then you need to customize it. You need not be a WordPress developer to customize your login page.   Just Customize WordPress Login Page without coding using the below process. This customized Login Page is more attractive for the users to enter into your site. All you need… [Read More]

How to Install Facebook Comments in WordPress ?

facebook comments in wordpress

Have you ever thought of comments on Facebook directly linked with your WordPress site. Yes its simple and one of the best way to interact with user social by Facebook Comments plugin.The Facebook Comments WordPress plugin makes it easier for you to set-up, administer and customise Facebook comments from your WordPress site. It increases your… [Read More]

How to Add Login with Facebook in WordPress ?

add login with facebook

Have you every filled irritated of filling the registration forms of websites in order to access the stuff in the website. If yes, then make your side by Add Login with Facebook with this article.Normally most of the websites provide Login with Facebook, as this enables the users to directly login into their profile of… [Read More]